Angi | This one’s for me

Angi | This one’s for me

Recently I had a conversation with a friend of mine about having your portraits taken. Alot of us only book a photographer on special occasions like weddings and maybe for your newborn session or maternity session. I’m always astonished when women ask me if it’s ok that they are thinking about a portrait session or if that was something that they shouldn’t do because „What might other people think about me?“ Sometimes I even hear them say after a shoot: „These images are breathtaking, but I don’t want others to see them because they might think that I’m a show off or narcissistic“.

For me, having your photos taken means creating a memory and experience for yourself and this is so unbelievably important. Very often we go through life thinking too much about the opinion of others, holding back because we do not want to get judged on what we do, what we think or maybe even who we love. If we do that, we are missing out on so many great things and for me, nothing is more important than loving ourselves first. Self love is never egoistic and we should always strive to do things, that make us feel good about ourselves. And if you want to step in front of a camera, have your photos taken and cherish who you are as a human being, as a woman, then please – jump into the experience and enjoy it whole heartedly.

Angi gifted herself with a beautiful portrait session and I am glad she did. She is a beautiful, intelligent woman and I can’t begin to describe how much I love our images.

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