Jelto & Susann | Münster

Jelto & Susann | Münster

Susann and I met over 9 years ago and I am glad that I can call her a friend. Over the years we created some beautiful memories together, shared lots of tears and laughter, took fun trips together,  and without her, I guess, my photography would have never developed in the direction that it is today. For that, I am forever grateful.

The first time I photographed Susann and Jelto together was when she was pregnant with her son Paul. Now, a couple of years later we took some new photos which are a testimony of their love for each other and the beautiful bond they share. Seeing my friend happy and so in love makes me smile and warms my heart. 06 07img_2070klein img_2085kleinimg_2098klein img_2112klein img_2117klein img_2133klein img_2139klein img_2140klein img_2146klein img_2148klein img_2164klein img_2168klein img_2170klein img_2179klein img_2184klein img_2186klein img_2190kleinimg_2262klein img_2271klein 05 02 03 04img_2279klein img_2284klein img_2297klein img_2298klein img_2299klein

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  • Sandra Hentschel

    Die sind wunderschön geworden!!!!

    22. September 2016 at 13:34