Livingroom Session | Jill

Livingroom Session | Jill

2016 marks the 10th year of my photography life. Throughout the years I’ve approached different styles and photographed a lot of wonderful people. More than ever I realize that being a portrait photographer is what I love most. I can’t imagine my life without a camera in my hand.

I’ve always been a photographer who works best with just a small number of people around me. Most of the time it’s just me, the client and a make up artist. For me, that’s enough. Sometimes I’m even alone with the person in front of my camera.
During the last couple of weeks I’ve shot a number of very intimate sessions at my own place. I call them my „Livingroom Sessions“. They are intimate, personal and my cup of tea. I get to share these very personal moments with wonderful people in front of my camera, share a laugh or two or even more and enjoy a perfect roast of coffee.

Jill visited me in November and look at these photos. I can’t describe how happy I am about them and how wonderful of a person Jill is – creative, so versatile and fun to be around. I’m such a lucky person to meet so inspirational people because of my work. What a blessing.

My plan for 2017 is to offer these sessions even more often. I can’t wait for the next year to begin, doing something that is so dear to my heart and so me.

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