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Portraits of Men | Danny

The first time I took photos of Danny was back in 2015. Since then we managed to keep in touch, worked together again in 2017 and found some time to catch up and have some new portraits taken. A lot has happened since our first portrait session in 2015. Danny...

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Livingroom Session | Giulia

Recently I've been taking a lot of photos of artists - musicians, actors, authors. As a portrait photographer I love working with creative people and especially sitting them down and taking their portrait is a wonderful experience. I've known Giulia for quite some time now and I really like this...

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Livingroom Sessions

I've already told you about my excitement to use my living room as some sort of "studio space" for the next couple of months. Today I looked back at some of the last shoots I had here and the wonderful people who came to visit me. It's just a quick...

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Shooting in SMALL Spaces | Jule

Sometimes other photographers tell me that they don't have a huge studio space, can only photograph outside or have to rent hotel rooms and other studio spaces to take their photos in. I admit - I've done it all. When I started my photography business I shot most of my...

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Livingroom Session | Jill

2016 marks the 10th year of my photography life. Throughout the years I've approached different styles and photographed a lot of wonderful people. More than ever I realize that being a portrait photographer is what I love most. I can't imagine my life without a camera in my hand. I've always...

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Bo & Karak | Münster

She flew to America to meet him for the first time. He waited for her at the airport. They fell in love. Now, a couple of months later they live together in Germany, planning a life together. What sounds like a fairytale is Bo's and Karak's story. We met in late...

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