Pascal & Jenni

"From this day forward I give you my hand, my heart and my love" - words that Jenni said to the love of her life, her soulmate and best friend. We met a couple of days before Jenni's and Pascal's first wedding anniversary and took some beautiful photos in the evening sun. I love the flattering light in the late afternoon, when the sun slowly goes down and gifts us with this amazing soft light that covers everything golden. ...

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Jelto & Susann | Münster

Susann and I met over 9 years ago and I am glad that I can call her a friend. Over the years we created some beautiful memories together, shared lots of tears and laughter, took fun trips together,  and without her, I guess, my photography would have never developed in the direction that it is today. For that, I am forever grateful. The first time I photographed Susann and Jelto together was when she was pregnant with her son Paul. Now, a couple of years later we took some new photos which are a testimony of their love for each other and the beautiful bond they share. Seeing my friend happy and so in love makes me smile and warms my heart.  ...

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Angi | This one’s for me

Recently I had a conversation with a friend of mine about having your portraits taken. Alot of us only book a photographer on special occasions like weddings and maybe for your newborn session or maternity session. I'm always astonished when women ask me if it's ok that they are thinking about a portrait session or if that was something that they shouldn't do because "What might other people think about me?" Sometimes I even hear them say after a shoot: "These images are breathtaking, but I don't want others to see them because they might think that I'm a show off or narcissistic". For me, having your photos taken means creating a memory and experience for yourself and this is so unbelievably important. Very often we go through life thinking too much about the opinion of others, holding back because we do not want to get judged on what we do,...

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Peter & Anissa | Hamm


They are in love. They are actually so in love that they were driving me crazy just from the looks they were shooting at each other. Photographing these two lovebirds was easy. I didn't really had to guide them through the shoot, I was merely there to witness this great bond between them. Love is a mystery and we never know that makes two people fall in love with each other. Why it is this one person you give your heart to and not someone else. But sometimes life doesn't need any explanation. Sometimes it's enough to just live in the moment and enjoy love.      ...

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Christoph | Münster

The other day I talked to a friend about why I love shooting portraits so much. My usual answer is that I love connecting with people and making them feel good about themselves. People who know me well usually say that I'm different when I'm taking photos and to be honest - they are right. Sometimes in life I struggle with being too introverted, too scared to risk something or being too rational about things. When I have my camera in my hands I'm such a different person. Then it's easy for me to connect with someone, I enjoy being around people and feel a certain strength. Then it's easy for me to relax and have fun. I guess when you do something that makes you truly happy, it's easy to stop worrying, to stop doubting yourself or feeling insecure. You just DO things and really enjoy them. From time to time...

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Marvin & Verena

As a creative I think it's of utmost importance to surround yourself with people who can challenge you, push you, maybe even share the same vision and are people who support you on your journey. When I first started working with Verena in 2013 I quickly realized that she is not only a tremendously talented Hair & Make-up Artist, she is also a wonderful soul and genuinely great person to be around. I trust her with my clients completely, she understands my vision and for both of us it is extremely important to give a wonderful experience to the women I photograph. Not only do I consider her a great partner in my business, I'm glad to call her a friend. Taking photos of her and Marvin was a great experience as they are both so different in front of the camera. Still, even though being so different they are a...

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Max & Denise


I feel blessed to be able to photograph wonderful people throughout the whole year. Very often I do not know the people in front of my camera before the shoot but sometimes I get to photograph friends and family and believe me, that's truly amazing. I've known Max and Denise for quite a while now and both are very warm, loving and caring people. People I love to be around and spend time with. ...

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Marlon & Alex | Münster

What I love about couple shoots is that each couple has its own individual dynamic. Marlon and Alex are no different. They are playful with each other, loving and just great people to be around. We decided to shoot some images in the evening hours in the beautiful evening sun. This is definitely my favorite light to work in as I consider it to be a) very romantic and b) perfect for not only flattering but more importantly quite wonderful, emotional images. Marlon and Alex both work as part time models but this kind of photoshoot was also a first for them. ...

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Ronja & Katrin | Annie Stone Gewinnspiel


Zusammen mit Annie Stone veranstaltete ich im Februar ein Gewinnspiel. Der Gewinn umfasste ein Abendessen mit Annie und mir, eine Übernachtung im schönen Factory Hotel in Münster und ein gemeinsames Fotoshooting für die Gewinnerin mit ihrer besten Freundin/ Schwester oder Mama. Schnell fiel unsere Wahl auf Ronja, die als glückliche Gewinnerin mit ihrer besten Freundin Katrin aus der Nähe von Hannover anreiste. Annie und mir wurde bereits am ersten Abend bewusst, dass wir uns genau für die richtige Gewinnerin entschieden haben.Besonders schön fand ich es, dass dieser Gewinn für die beiden Freundinnen wirklich etwas Besonderes war. Beide sind Mamas von kleinen Kindern und so durften sie für zwei Tage mal wieder ganz Frau sein und etwas für sich tun. Das wunderbare Styling hat an diesem Tag die liebe Conny übernommen. Abschließend gab es noch ein Bild für die beiden mit ihrer Lieblingsautorin Annie. Ich danke euch für diese tollen zwei...

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Vor ein paar Wochen war Lisa bei mir zu Besuch. Schon vor einer ganzen Weile hatte ich ihr Profil bei Instagram entdeckt und fand ihre Selbstportraits wahnsinnig ausdrucksstark. Natürlich habe ich mir sehr gefreut, als es geklappt hat, dass ich sie fotografieren konnte. Die Aufnahmen sind bei mir zu Hause in gemütlicher Atmosphäre entstanden. Wichtig war mir dabei eine gewisse Emotionalität in den Bildern. Ich finde, Lisa hat das wunderbar zum Ausdruck gemacht. Ich kann mir auch tolle Bilder mit ihr in der Abendsonne schön im Gegenlicht vorstellen. Vielleicht etwas, was ich in den nächsten Monaten angehen werde. ...

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