What I believe in

I believe that every person has something beautiful about them. Everybody needs beauty in their lives and for me, it’s the greatest gift to be able to make someone feel beautiful. Whether it is through my photographs or a genuine compliment.

We all know that feeling deep within when something is missing and pulling us down. I believe that photography can heal a wounded soul. It can lift you up, make you aware of your beauty that shines from within and make you smile. It enables you to see and experience the beauty of life again. The smell of a hot coffee, the first ray of sunshine in the morning or the smile of a stranger. The warm embrace when needed most and the true value of friends and family.

Beauty comes in many shapes and sizes. And believe me – it doesn’t matter what size you wear. We are not here to judge others on the way they look. We don’t know their story. If your inner beauty shines through, you are beautiful to me.

– Sonja

Creating Memories.

A Portrait is forever.

Portraits are the most important thing you will own for your loved ones and this needs to be valued. You can preserve a moment forever and gift a memory that lasts a lifetime and even beyond.


Things I love

  • Coffee, wonderful stories and connecting with others

    I need a hot coffee in the morning to keep me going. I cannot function without it. I also love books, wonderful stories and connecting with others. There's nothing better than a memory shared.

  • Traveling and making memories

    I love to travel and get to experience new cities. London is one of the places that I love the most.

  • Water and the Beach

    Everyone has this one place in life they need to relax and calm down. Whenever I'm close to the water, I feel the happiest.