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Portraits of Men | Christoph

Ever so often I get asked if it isn't easier to take photos of women. To be honest, I believe that the same thing I'm doing with women, I can replicate with the men in front of my camera. All it needs is some additional know - how of how to pose a man and what is different to posing women. As I only rarely shoot full body images, having a good idea of how to shoot male faces is key. It's important to know how to use light and pose men in front of my camera that it plays up their best features. Look for a strong jaw line, the V - shape and a good posture.      ...

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Livingroom Sessions


I've already told you about my excitement to use my living room as some sort of "studio space" for the next couple of months. Today I looked back at some of the last shoots I had here and the wonderful people who came to visit me. It's just a quick compilation of images from 2016. Aren't I lucky to photograph such wonderful women? If you also want to visit me for your personal portrait session, don't hesitate to drop me an email. I can't wait to meet you!...

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Shooting in SMALL Spaces | Jule

Sometimes other photographers tell me that they don't have a huge studio space, can only photograph outside or have to rent hotel rooms and other studio spaces to take their photos in. I admit - I've done it all. When I started my photography business I shot most of my images outside, then I tried to use my friend's studio for my sessions and I spent a lot of money on hotel rooms and other spaces to shoot in. The last couple of weeks I came to realize that I want something else for 2017. I love to shoot portraits. I usually never shoot full length images or larger group shots and therefore, I'm fine with just a small spot in front of a huge window that gives me lot's and lot's of beautiful natural light. Jule visited me a couple of days before Christmas and there she was, sitting in front of...

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Livingroom Session | Jill

2016 marks the 10th year of my photography life. Throughout the years I've approached different styles and photographed a lot of wonderful people. More than ever I realize that being a portrait photographer is what I love most. I can't imagine my life without a camera in my hand. I've always been a photographer who works best with just a small number of people around me. Most of the time it's just me, the client and a make up artist. For me, that's enough. Sometimes I'm even alone with the person in front of my camera. During the last couple of weeks I've shot a number of very intimate sessions at my own place. I call them my "Livingroom Sessions". They are intimate, personal and my cup of tea. I get to share these very personal moments with wonderful people in front of my camera, share a laugh or two or even...

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